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Diamond Engagement Ring: Does she want Modern or a Classic style?

Classic doesn’t necessarily mean vintage and Modern doesn't need to mean trendy.  For some couples, diamond engagement rings serve to let other people know that she's taken, but a ring can mean a lot more than that to most people. She wants the symbol of your eternal bond to each other...

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New Year's Relationship Resolutions: 3 Relationship Secrets

Kicking off a new year poses a fresh start for all walks of life. Many people commit to personal resolutions but how many of us make a resolution to make our relationships that much better!?  How can new relationships continue their fresh spark and matured relationships feel like that first...

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5 Tips on How to Care for Your Personalized Jewelry: Shain Leyton Jewelry

Every Shain Leyton Jewelry piece is precious and should be treated as such. All jewelry, even the most precious, requires basic care. To keep your personalized jewelry looking dazzling and the same as it did out of the box, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind, no matter if it is personalized name...

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