• Diamond Engagement Ring: Does she want Modern or a Classic style?

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Classic doesn’t necessarily mean vintage and Modern doesn't need to mean trendy. 

    For some couples, diamond engagement rings serve to let other people know that she's taken, but a ring can mean a lot more than that to most people. She wants the symbol of your eternal bond to each other to be super beautiful. 

    We have seen people choose unique engagement rings that express their personality and remind them of the special love they share with their partner. These factors can all help determine whether you should go with a classic style of wedding ring or choose something more modern.

    A popular trend in engagement rings now is an updated retro style– for example, a gold ring in soft floral styles reminiscent of the 1950's and 1960's

    Classic engagement rings are the styles that have been very common for the past couple of decades. The classic style ring is a large solitaire diamond on a plain band, or variations such as a single princess cut diamond in a plain gold band.

    The ring style depends on the wearer’s personality and preference more than anything else! Most style of engagement ring can be purchased with most budgets, so you should initially focus more on an overall look. 

    Ask a few questions about color, style, where you will be wearing it most and how it can naturally enhance your every outfits. 

    Do you want the ring to be sleek and modern, with sharp lines?

    Do you want a rose gold ring with colorful diamonds surrounding the center diamond? 

    Budget is a major factor for most people. So understand what your options are regarding sizes of diamonds and clarity. 

    Decide whether to go classic or trendy, and the ring should reflect her style and personality. Now that you know more about the finding ring styles, hopefully you will follow your heart and get a ring that you find beautiful. 

    Happy diamond ring searching and congratulations on this exciting next big step!


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  • New Year's Relationship Resolutions: 3 Relationship Secrets

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Kicking off a new year poses a fresh start for all walks of life. Many people commit to personal resolutions but how many of us make a resolution to make our relationships that much better!? 

    How can new relationships continue their fresh spark and matured relationships feel like that first date?


    1. True Love takes time

    Love is not that one night stand or that random New Year's hook up, Love is a relationship built on trust and reliability through life's carousel. Ups and downs challenge the butterflies and sexy dates. Keep in touch with that someone special throughout the day and let them know they mean the world to you. Nurturing a sacred relationship takes work and Shain Leyton Jewelry can help you express a love that's greater and more meaningful. 

    2. Surprise with love when they don't expect it 

    Getting a "Hey sexy" text out of the blue is awesome but a surprise gift box with a precious piece of jewelry is worth a million texts. Surprise him with a token of your love or shock her with a breathtaking gem. Sweep her off her feet when she least expects it to bring your relationship to new levels.

    3. Gifts and time, the residual "I Love You"

    Some Love is priceless but always takes work! Try scheduling weekly date nights on a shared calendar like Google Calendar. Give time to the one you love to show them how much they matter. For the times you're apart, a "string on the finger" reminds them how much they matter! Showering gifts may not always be the answer to love, but a planned out gift schedule with a new "I Love You" once in a while will definitely heat things up!!

    Suprise her with a small tangible "Love" she can always be reminded with. Show him about your love and support with something precious he can carry around everywhere he goes.

    Beyond your personal new year's resolutions, may your relationship resolutions enhance your eternal vows to one another. For those who are seeking a significant other, love yourself and treat yourself. Love always comes around to those who give love! And never forget "the who" is you that always deserves love first.

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    <3 Shain




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  • 5 Tips on How to Care for Your Personalized Jewelry: Shain Leyton Jewelry

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Every Shain Leyton Jewelry piece is precious and should be treated as such.

    All jewelry, even the most precious, requires basic care. To keep your personalized jewelry looking dazzling and the same as it did out of the box, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind, no matter if it is personalized name gold necklace, or a monogram!

    With these care tips, you can keep your precious accessories looking like new, no matter how long!

    1. Careful to store your jewelry:

    Properly storing your jewelry will do wonders for keeping it looking new. Keep your customized jewelry in a box. When stored away in a special place, the jewelry won’t get tangled up with other items or in a position to get bumped around. A soft and cushioned jewelry box is a great solution.

    2. Jewelry after makeup:

    Lotions, hairspray and some cosmetics have chemicals that can harm your precious jewelry. Keep your personalized jewelry out of harm’s way by putting on your hair and makeup first.

    3. Remove your jewelry for the Bath and Shower:

    Soaps and shampoos may contain chemicals that can cause harm to your personalized jewelry. Wearing your personalized necklace, bracelet or rings while bathing can cause a coating to form over the precious metal, taking away the luster and dampening its natural shine.

    4. Take off your jewelry for Cleaning:

    Cleaning chemicals can cause damage to jewelry. Clean up then accessorize up. Limit your jewelry's exposure to the chemicals to keep them shining.

    5. Don't wear your jewelry in the Pool and Jacuzzi:

    Pools and jacuzzis are full of chlorine, which can discolor your jewelry if exposed too long. Remove your jewelry, store it somewhere safe and swim your heart out!

    personalized jewelry


    Your best defense against any wear on your personalized jewelry is to be vigilant to properly care for them.

    Give your gold or silver jewelry a quick clean at the end of the day with a soft cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints or oils that come from normal wear.

    Once a month a more deep clean — use a mix of 1/2 cup warm water with mild liquid soap, and let your jewelry soak for a couple of minutes. Remove your items, rinse with clean water, and allow the jewelry to dry.

    Your precious personalized jewelry will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly. 

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