• Chain Rings are all the Rage this Summer

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Our chain rings are a summer must have! They are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. We offer many different styles including diamonds, and an emerald cut or heart center. Listed below, we have highlighted some of our favorites!

    Diamond Chain Ring

    14K Yellow Gold chain ring with an approx. diamond weight of 0.62ct. A timeless ring perfect for a night out!
    Rose Gold Chain Ring
    This 14K Rose Gold plain chain ring is the perfect piece for everyday wear.
    Pink Sapphire and Diamond Chain Ring
    14K Gold chain ring with .05ct diamonds and a .70ct pink sapphire in the center. Add a pop of color to your look with this beautiful piece. Also available in white topaz and emerald!
    Mother of Pearl Heart Chain Ring
    14K Gold heart shaped chain ring with .63ct mother of pearl with .09ct diamonds. A fun twist to the chain ring. Also available in opal and malachite.
    Shop all the chain rings here!

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  • Mother’s Day Spotlight: Erica Domesek

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Today, we are spotlighting Erica Domesek, founder of P.S. - I made this…, a lifestyle brand for all things customization and personalization to bring out people’s inner-creativity in the widely popular do-it-yourself fashion. 

    When talking about being a mom to her 2.5 year old son, Erica shared that “it takes a village” to balance work life and being a mom. She says that juggling and prioritizing isn’t always easy, but you have to “do what you can, give yourself a break, and know that it’s okay to feel like you’re not killing it 100% of the time.” 

    When asked her favorite Mother’s Day gift, Erica replied, “it’s always just jewelry.” Check out some of Erica’s favorite pieces below:

    14K Rose Gold Opal Diamond Ring

    As a Libra, Erica was automatically drawn to this 2.5ct Opal ring. This ring makes a great gift for a mom with an October baby!
    14K Yellow Gold Large Emerald Gypsy Ring
    The emerald gypsy ring pairs perfectly with anything!
    14K Yellow Gold Pearl Necklace with Pink Center
    This pearl necklace is dainty, yet eye-catching, and is great for any occasion. 
    Make sure you follow Erica on her Instagram here Check out our full interview with Erica below:

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  • Mother’s Day Spotlight: Sophie Pierce

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to highlight a special Mom, Sophie Pierce. Sophie is a mom to three daughters as well as the owner and founder of Sophie Dance, a children’s dance studio in Los Angeles. 

    Sophie told us what it is like being a working mom, and how she is able to balance both work, and motherhood. She says that, “being a mom is constant, it is a never ending marathon. I find myself concerned with them even when I’m not with them.” 

    Just as Sophie said, being a mom is a full-time job, so let's celebrate all the Mamas this Mother’s Day!

    Sophie’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide:
    14K Gold Diamond & Ruby Snake Huggies  
    These huggies are a fun twist on the typical huggie. The snake's eyes come in both Ruby and Emerald. 
    14K Gold tiny Rainbow Sapphire Flower Stud Earrings 
    These studs are the perfect pop of color, and a great addition to your ear game.
    14K White Gold Diamond Trio Studs 
    The trio studs are a perfect gift for a Mom of 3! They are available in White, Yellow, and Rose Gold.
    14K Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire Heart Shaped Birthstone Necklace 
    For Sophie, this necklace is packed with meaning. The blue sapphire is beautiful, sophisticated, yet has a fun whimsical feel to it, reminding her of her love for the movie Titanic and Celine Dion. This necklace is also great for a Mama with a September babe!  

    If you’re looking for dance classes for your littles in the LA area, or online, be sure to check out Sophie Dance here!

    Check our our full interview with Sophie below:

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  • Personalize It This Mother’s Day!

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Mother’s Day seems to creep up on us year after year. We can get so caught up in motherhood, that sometimes we forget to take some time for ourselves. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I am here to remind you to treat yourself and all those Moms around you. 

    Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas are personalized pieces. Whether it be names or initials, personalized jewelry is always such a special gift to receive. It shows thoughtfulness, and the reactions upon opening the jewelry box are always priceless.

    I picked out some of my favorite personalized pieces that are sure to brighten up your Mother’s Day.

    14K Gold Diamond Name Necklace

    This custom name necklace is a beautiful, everyday piece. Great for a proud Mama!

    14K Yellow Gold Diamond Name Beaded Bracelet

    The beaded name bracelet is delicate and gorgeous alone or in a stack. The length is 6.5”-7”, so there is plenty of room for adjustment.

    14K Gold Diamond Initial Necklace

    This necklace is so fun and has many levels of personalization. You can choose your amount of initials and hearts.

    14K Yellow Gold Diamond Name Cuff Bracelet

    Whether you choose to include initials, or a name, this cuff is a great addition to your collection. Also comes in White and Rose Gold!


    Another one of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas comes from our Mommy Collection. Your mommy title is something to be proud of, so wear it with pride!

    We have 3 different 14K Gold Diamond MOM necklaces. They even look great layered with the personalized pieces mentioned above.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of those killer Mamas!



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  • Diamond Engagement Ring: Does she want Modern or a Classic style?

    Posted on by Shain Leyton

    Classic doesn’t necessarily mean vintage and Modern doesn't need to mean trendy. 

    For some couples, diamond engagement rings serve to let other people know that she's taken, but a ring can mean a lot more than that to most people. She wants the symbol of your eternal bond to each other to be super beautiful. 

    We have seen people choose unique engagement rings that express their personality and remind them of the special love they share with their partner. These factors can all help determine whether you should go with a classic style of wedding ring or choose something more modern.

    A popular trend in engagement rings now is an updated retro style– for example, a gold ring in soft floral styles reminiscent of the 1950's and 1960's

    Classic engagement rings are the styles that have been very common for the past couple of decades. The classic style ring is a large solitaire diamond on a plain band, or variations such as a single princess cut diamond in a plain gold band.

    The ring style depends on the wearer’s personality and preference more than anything else! Most style of engagement ring can be purchased with most budgets, so you should initially focus more on an overall look. 

    Ask a few questions about color, style, where you will be wearing it most and how it can naturally enhance your every outfits. 

    Do you want the ring to be sleek and modern, with sharp lines?

    Do you want a rose gold ring with colorful diamonds surrounding the center diamond? 

    Budget is a major factor for most people. So understand what your options are regarding sizes of diamonds and clarity. 

    Decide whether to go classic or trendy, and the ring should reflect her style and personality. Now that you know more about the finding ring styles, hopefully you will follow your heart and get a ring that you find beautiful. 

    Happy diamond ring searching and congratulations on this exciting next big step!


    Reach out today and message or email

    - XOXO Shain

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